Nu Media Program Faculty

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Nu-Media President: Jordan Molaro (Anishnaabe) is the president of Nu Media Inc. He is a writer, editor, and director driven by an incredible passion for the art of filmmaking. Born and raised in the North End of Winnipeg Manitoba, Jordan was exposed at a very early age to filmmaking. At the age of 13 he was cast for a lead role in the film “the Fragile” which captures the harms and effects of inhalants. As a recipient of a scholarship to the Manitoba Theatre of Young People, it sparked a keen interest within him to expand on creative writing. This passion along with the Seven Sacred teachings kept him in check and in balance. It became quite apparent that Jordan’s life would be centered upon his passion for filmmaking. His works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, cultural significance, technique and the ability to relate his characters well with his audience. Upon completion of high school, Jordan went on to attend the University of Manitoba where he discovered a strong enthusiasm for directing films. He now works as a full-time director and producer of independent and commercial projects.




Reil Munro (Cree) has numerous film credits as writer/director of short films and is also a professional in the electrical and camera departments for commercial films. Reil has worked on many sets in his long spanning film career, on such films and series as, Arbor Live!, Death Race, Red 2, The Medicine Line, and Elijah.

Reil’s objectives are to strictly collaborate with creative individuals, be it technical or creatively. Reil is a non-union Director of Photography, with over 10 years experience as a lighting, camera movement specialist (sanctioned) with the last 7 years spent exclusively operating the camera, and lighting for episodic television, music videos and documentaries. His years of working in professional motion picture gave him an extensive appreciation of lighting, camera movement, and composition, which he has segued into his own.


Nu-Media Program Faculty Members

  • Jordan Molaro – Educational Director
  • Anjo Murdoch – Program Assistant
  • Kyle Nobess – Actor from APTN’s Mohawk Girls
  • Film Training Manitoba
  • Chris Charney – Writer for Far Point Films
  • Reil Munro – Director of Photography/Cinematographer
  • Stephanie Brown – Senior Producer at CBC
  • Rashida Jeeva – Head of Content Huffington Post
  • Cam Bennett – Executive Producer, MTS Stories at Home
  • Kim Bell – Cinematographer
  • Erica Daniels – CBC Aboriginal
  • Vanessa Loewen – Manager of Production at Animiki See Digital
  • Production
  • Jorge Requena – Prairie Boy Productions Writer/Director
  • Lenard Sumner – singer/songwriter
  • Anita Lubosch – Sound Technician and owner of Big Time Sound
  • Kevin Glasier – President at Tactica
  • Winnipeg Film Group
  • Video Pool
  • Jesse Green – Film Entrepreneur and founder of Strongfront
  • MidCan/Frank Digital
  • Christian and Sean Proctor – Animators/Video Producers for Proctor
  • Bros. Industries