Nu-Media Education Program

Nu-Media Education Promo Video


The Nu Media Program started in January 2013 and with 8 students who were eager to explore the art of filmmaking and, with the help of the Nu Media faculty, produced 4 videos. In the following year, the program’s participant intake almost tripled, and 24 participants came to Winnipeg and participated in the 11-week training program. They completed a total of 6 student films, including an original music video, two short documentaries, and various comedic and dramatic short films.

The instructors share their personal experiences from their past and demonstrate how they have overcome difficult obstacles with alcohol and drug abuse, depression, suicide, and family and intergenerational trauma. They can relate to many of the youth struggling with similar difficulties but create a safe and inviting environment and prove that these issues can be overcome with hard work, dedication, and allowing yourself to heal through a positive and creative element.


The youth who have participated in the program were immersed into the world of multimedia and provided with the opportunity to learn first hand and work with over twenty industry professionals.

Topics include: film, social media, understanding search and online marketing, graphic design, photography, website design, the business of freelancing in a new media world, storyboarding a new media project, writing styles for social media platforms, and mobile program writing and development.

The Nu Media Program has been widely successful, with many of the students interning with various film production and media companies after the program finished, and even a few of them returning to post-secondary institutions and becoming employed within their respective internship placements.



In the first year of the program, the students, along with the 4 films, also created 2 iOS applications, interned with industry professionals at MidCan for their final projects, and 2 of the students (Randy Sutherland and Rannon Wilson) were entered into a National competition and enrolled in the National Screen Institutes: New Voices program.

In the second year, the students created 6 short films, and interned at over 8 different production companies and broadcasters throughout Winnipeg, they all received their on set etiquette training and are certified to safely and properly work on any film set (certification received through On Screen Manitoba), and many returning back to post-secondary education, or now employed by their respective internship placement.

The desired outcome of the Nu Media Program:  would be for a minimum of 15 Youth to improve upon their all-ready developing skills of video, computer, Internet, and storytelling. Increasing capacity within the participants and introducing each student to the Multi-media industry as a career choice. We will aim to combat the many struggles that youth face today by providing them with a healthy, inviting, open, and honest, creative environment, where many of the traditional aboriginal practices will be honoured and used daily. We believe that having weekly sharing circles is beneficial for the youth to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe and secure environment.