Our Story

Nu Media Films is a community driven video production company proudly owned and operated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with a vision to work on community driven projects on all media platforms.

Our creatives have the knowledge and experience to reach out and help you attain your goals. In this past year we have had the privilege of working on many projects to entertain, promote, educate, and create social awareness with clients such as APTN, Vice Media, Canadian Museum For Human Rights, ISC, CBC, Manito Ahbee to name just a few.

Nu Media Films is growing fast and we look forward in helping our client’s achieve their goals and exceeding them.

The highly successful Nu-Media Program in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada aims to increase the capacity within Indigenous youth residing on First Nation reserves across Manitoba to create job-ready, career driven individuals. This program draws upon the many centuries of storytelling within the Indigenous communities while developing a new, modern age storyteller. It is the hope and dream of our team that one day, every Indigenous community will have individuals who can utilize modern video, film, and Internet mediums to tell their stories, the stories that need to be told, all from an Indigenous perspective.

The Nu-Media Program integrates a comfortable, respectful, and healthy environment, with practical, hands-on learning that can expand into a lifelong career with endless potential. The highly experienced professional speakers provide continuous support to the youth that become involved in the Nu-Media family, through our social media sites, our newly designed website, and ongoing personal communication.

Goals and Objectives of the Nu-Media Program 2022

  1. The Nu-Media Program 2022 aims to collaborate with Indigenous youth who are otherwise not working or actively moving in a positive direction due to lack of media opportunities, job opportunities, and who have an interest in one of the aspects of media. The Nu Media program will awaken the storyteller in each of the Indigenous youth between the ages of 18-30 and introduce them to a career in the media industry.
  2. Select up to 20 participants to attend a 3-month media program that will feature 20 media professionals and special guest. The Nu Media students will learn from industry professionals with the experience of reaching for and achieving careers within broadcast and multi-media platforms from a story-telling perspective. 
  3. The Nu-Media Program 2022 will produce two broadcast quality films that be shown publicly by a recognized broadcaster or film festival. These learning experiences will provide lasting contacts and career opportunities for the participants selected to be involved for a solid foundation for a career in media.  
  4. The Nu-Media Program 2022 will ensure that each of the students selected will leave with the necessary qualities to have success and achieve the goal of internship with a company of their own choosing for a 1 month internship.